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About Us

CoinFlix is a cryptocurrency token and a decentralized film financing platform dedicated to movies and the filmmakers who create them. CoinFlix is also a network of organizations teaming up to produce the projects that move and entertain our communities. CoinFlix allows filmmakers from around the world to develop, produce, finance, and distribute their projects using the power of the crypto community.


By utilizing our network, we create co-production opportunities for filmmakers, and we ensure the quality and distribution of each project that is produced.  Our partnerships will allow CoinFlix tokens to be accepted in all of our partner locations, making CoinFlix the ideal choice for all movie lovers who want to support the film industry.  Imagine being able to make your daily entertainment purchases with CoinFlix while supporting your favorite filmmaker! 


From your local movie theater to iTunes, CoinFlix aims to be the premier cryptocurrency for entertainment.  

CoinFlix is dedicated to helping your favorite artist do what they do best, make movies!

Film Set


White reel.png



  • Idea and Planning

  • Research Market

  • Selection of team members

  • Blockchain platform of choice

  • Website and smart contract development

  • Whitepaper creation


  • Liquidity pairing on Pancakeswap:

    • 50% supply introduced to circulation

  • Marketing: Social Media

  • Building the CoinFlix forum and community

  • Establishing partnerships and contributors


  • Launch CoinFlix Voting Platform

  • Release First NFT Collection

  • CoinFlix Token Listing on CoinMarketCap

  • Marketing: Targeted Ad


  • Release Second NFT Collection

  • Begin Development of CoinFlix NFT Marketplace

  • Marketing: End of Year Token Giveaway Event

  • Release first CoinFlix Productions original narrative content


Moving into 2023: Production begins on first feature-length film, based on consensus voting among community.

The Team

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